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Recruiting Thursday: Haden Sierocky
The Seton Hill baseball commit is a 3-sport standout for Ligonier Valley

Being a multi-sport athlete at any level can be challenging, tiring and time consuming. It takes a large amount of focus and time management to balance having sports year-round while also striving to succeed in the classroom.

For Haden Sierocky, this lifestyle isn’t a challenge but rather a walk in the park…or the field or the court.

“It’s definitely been interesting, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said the Rams three-sport star on how he’s balanced school and sports all year long. “I feel it’s made me a better person, and I’ve been able to connect with a bunch of other kids I’ve played with and competed with against.”

When it came down to making his college decision, he had to factor in not only the school, but also which sport to pursue. Sierocky has been a standout in football, basketball and baseball. However, it was baseball and football that he garnered the most recruitment.

At the start of the football season, his focus was leaning towards pursuing baseball. But, after a strong season on the gridiron for the Rams and being selected to the All-State team in 2A as a defensive back, he opened up his options again and wavered between baseball and football.

Ultimately, his love for baseball was too powerful and the Ligonier Valley senior made his commitment to continue his career at Seton Hill University.

“By the end of January, I had figured out I wanted to fulfill my opportunity to play baseball at the next level,” said the future Griffin. “I was able to get in contact with Coach (Marc) Marizzaldi, we figured out a date I could come visit. I had a great time, and I definitely felt at home.”

Sierocky might’ve figured out where he’s headed next on the diamond, but he still has unfinished business with his Ligonier Valley group.

He recently put together a pitching performance for the ages against a section opponent. He fanned 17 batters in a 6-0 win over Greensburg Central Catholic.

“It was a weird one,” said the senior hurler on his sensational outing. “It was our first game, and it was a section game. We didn’t know what to expect, I got handed the ball in pregame, did my normal pregame and I felt good.”

“Through the game, I didn’t keep track of how many strikeouts I had or hits or anything like that. I was just doing my thing, playing at my pace and it was definitely something special.”

After getting through the first inning, he felt strong over the next three innings. After 1-2-3 innings in the second, third and fourth innings and keeping his pitch count low, Sierocky knew he was on the brink of a big outing.

The Rams have built off that performance, and currently sit at 4-2 overall and 3-1 in Section 3-2A. They’re currently on a three-game winning streak, scoring double-digit runs in each of their last two games, and shutting out Brentwood 7-0.

“We are a really tight, connected group,” he noted on what has been important to his team’s recent success. “I feel, as a team, we don’t have that many kids on the team. But the kids that are there are really connected and bought in to what we have.”

It will be an adjustment for Sierocky next year playing one sport as opposed to three. However, he’s excited to focus on baseball and school at Seton Hill, and to also branch out and step outside of his comfort zone.

“I’m excited to meet new people. In Ligonier, we don’t have that many people in the school, so you’ve been with the same people for 10 plus years. Going to a new college, I’m excited to meet the new people there, having new teammates and a new experience overall.” 

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